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American Pinup - "Boarding House"

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American Pinup - "Boarding House"

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New York's American Pinup deliver us a heart wrenching O'l Skool ballad, spotlighting the pain and desperation of the downtrodden and oppressed in our society. From the album "Strange Creatures" (Altercation Records), the single "Boarding House" showcases another side of American Pinup and shows again just what an amazing and diverse band they are.

Band Bio:

American Pinup emerged from the suburban sprawl and unsung underground music scene of Westchester County, New York and brought along an original brand of fierce, exuberant performance that is just as wild as it is charming. The indie/punk four-piece was pegged by AMP magazine as the "voice of the new decade" and combines elements of rockabilly, surf rock, punk, pop, folk, and ska to create a unique and fresh alternative sound. Blending the DIY ethos of the punk scene with a reverence for the melody and simplicity intrinsic to pop music, American Pinup has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music.

Frontwoman Lauren West combines soulful, melodic crooning with raspy, punk rock vocals, adding dimension to their hooky composititions and high-energy live performances. In 2010, the band took to their drummer's basement recording studio where they self-produced their debut album, Strange Creatures. It quickly caught the attention of Altercation Records, who signed the band and released the record in February 2011.

American Pinup has appeared at festivals such as SXSW, Red Gorilla, Valley of the Vapors, and Upstart Fest since coming on to the scene. In February 2012 they put out a split with New Jersey's Lost In Society on Altercation Records and spent the following March on a co-headlining national tour in support of the release. In August 2012, the band followed up with the independent release The End of the World EP. They are currently working on completing their sophomore full-length album and are slated to play at The Fest 11 in October 2012.

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