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Stained Ashes - "Something Beautiful"

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Stained Ashes - "Something Beautiful"

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Director, Dakoda Jones, and Florida's Stained Ashes got together to bring you a mind boggling and slightly terrifying music video for their new single "Something Beautiful" from their new album As Fear Consumes You out now!

This video will give you a taste of their alternative metal sound from their dark and beautiful album, that they recorded with producer, Drew Ray.

Colorist, Micah Jones, made the look of the video work so well with the cinematography and editing by, Dakoda Jones. And their song flows so well with the video, it's bound to be stuck in your head like any catchy tune on the radio.

Big thanks to BlankTV for their help and support.

From small beginnings in Vocalist Brandon Turner's Living room, to half witted jam sessions in the Rad Shak, to being ousted in the local scene, to packing the venues and bringing an amazing show. Stained Ashes has come miles and leagues since its origin as Brandon's solo project back in 2010. Stained Ashes has been playing together with their current line up since February of 2011, and the addition of Robby in April of 2012. Stained Ashes first released "Keep Your Number Close" back in April of 2011 as Brandon's solo project, in October of the same year the "Funeral In Fire" EP was released featuring Brandon Turner, Joey Dominick, Kenneth Ittig, and Charlie Howell. The newest work from Stained Ashes is the album "As Fear Consumes You", full of heartful choruses, ripping verses, and incredible production. Keep an eye out for some shows near you!

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