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"No Room for Rockstars" - The Vans Warped Tour Movie DVD Giveaway!

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"No Room for Rockstars" - The Vans Warped Tour Movie DVD Giveaway!

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Well, it's that time of year again, folks. The time of year when FREE stuff happens! BlankTV is giving away 10 copies of "No Room for Rockstars", The Vans Warped Tour Movie on DVD, courtesy of Shout! Factory.

Directed by Parris Patton (Amazing Journey: The Story of the WHO) and produced by the team that brought you Dogtown & Z-boys, Stacy Peralta and Agi Orsi, "No Room for Rockstars" is a feature documentary culled from more than 300 hours of film shot on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. The film showcases music from featured acts such as Suicide Silence, Never Shout Never, Mike Posner and Forever Came Calling, as well as Warped favorites Pennywise, Bouncing Souls and Sum 41. The DVD also includes a bonus CD: "The Vans Warped Tour Greatest Hits", which features classic songs by bands who have performed on the tour throughout the years, including Sublime, Descendents, Buzzcocks, Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, No Doubt and more.

If you want to relive the Warped Tour experience all year long, you have 10 chances to win a copy of "No Room for Rockstars" on DVD! That's right! Starting now, BlankTV and Shout! Factory will give away one copy of the "No Room for Rockstars", The Vans Warped Tour Movie DVD, per day, until we give them all away!


The fine print: The giveaway is open to US residents only, so move here if you have to! Entering more than once per day will not increase your chances of winning, but it will make us feel really special!

If you aren't one of the lucky 10, can't move to the US to enter a DVD giveaway, or just want it NOW, you can pick-up "No Room for Rockstars", The Vans Warped Tour Movie DVD from Amazon, iTunes, or directly from Shout! Factory today! Look for it to hit the shelves in local retailers on May 15th!

    >> The Winning Entries Board <<

    Day 1: He braved the apple orchards and mean steets of South Central Washington State to submit his entry, let's all grumble congrats in his general direction, Mr. Kevin Porter of Yakima, WA! Congrats, sir!

    Day 2: Hailing from St. Louis, in the "Show Me" state of Missouri, Mr. Carl Contevita triumphed over staggering odds and "showed us" that he has what it takes to be randomly selected to win awesome free stuff! That is a great skill to have, Carl! Congrats!!!

    Day 3: Today's lucky entry comes from a state rich in music and grilled meat, two things near and dear to BlankTV. So when we give this DVD to Christina Jones of Irving, Texas, we do so with perforated ear drums (Thanks Pantera!), and clogged arteries (I just can't quit you, Porterhouse Steak!). Congrats, Miss Jones!

    Day 4: It was such a nice sunny Mother's Day here in sunny Portland, Oregon, that we nearly forgot to give stuff away! I know, right? Luckily, the beer and steaks wore off and we came to our senses. It gives us much pleasure to give the Day 4 DVD to Mr. Toby Parsons of the City of Brotherly Love, Pittsburgh, in the great state of Pennsylvania. Enjoy blasting that bonus CD, from your horse and buggy, Toby!

    Day 5: From a state rich in music, blue collar pride, and giant lakes, comes a man. Not just any man, mind you, but a man with a plan. A plan to do whatever it takes to succeed at all costs, even if that means entering a DVD giveaway. So brave. And today that dedication paid off. Please join me in a round of Oi's for Mr. Jay Kloosterman of Galesburg, MI! Jay, we hope your "No Room for Rockstars" DVD becomes a treasured family heirloom.

    Day 6: Just over the hump from DVD #5, we land in the Antelope Valley in sunny California. Home to the only "musical road" in the US, and dusty jewel in the Antelope Valley crown, Lancaster houses today's lucky entrant. She braved crocodile infested internets to bring us her digits and gain a shot at a copy of this kick ass DVD. What? Shut up and say her name already? Fine! Shelly Mawhorter, you are the Day 6 Dominator! Enjoy your shiny new DVD! *game show music*

    Day 7: Lucky number seven goes out to the great state of Arizona. Nestled in the political weirdness of Maricopa county lies the sleepy hamlet of Litchfield Park. Founded as an agricultural center for the rubber trade by Goodyear executive... You know what, this town's history is kinda boring. And I think resident, Scott Ruud, would agree. Fortunately Scott can liven things up a bit in Litchfield Park with his shiny new No Room for Rockstars" DVD! Congrats, Scott!

    Day 8: Four score and 5 minutes ago, the BlankTV Rand-O-Matic Randomizer selected today's lucky winner. He is presumably tall, bearded, wears big hats, and thinks bigger thoughts. From the great state of Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln", and the city of Downers Grove, famous for bringing us Emo Philips, among other household names, I present Mr. Tom Gannon! You didn't win the DVD, Tom. You emancipated it. Well done!

    Day 9: Well folks... Today marks the exit of the second to last chance to win the No Room for Rockstars" DVD. Our lucky entrant today proves that if your heart is true and your timing lucky, good things can come to you. Or in this case, bad ass things! From a city actually designed in the 1960's, with the true hearted intentions of eliminating racial, religious, and class segregation, we give you Columbia Maryland's own Rebecca True. Congratulations, Rebecca!

    Day 10: Day of days... The final day. It has been a long road on our quest to give away 10 copies of the "No Room for Rockstars" The Vans Warped Tour Movie. There has been much joy in both the giving and receiving of this fine film. And the honor of being the final entrant falls to Amberlynne Finet, of Mason, in the Great Lakes State of Michigan! Congratulations, Amberlynne! Please use your new found powers of ROCK responsibly!

We at BlankTV would like to thank everyone who participated, as well as Shout! Factory and Vans Warped Tour for supplying such a great film!

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